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Jay's Chatterbox: Wanda in Doctor Strange (Spoilers)

Hello my fiendish friends! Welcome to another segment of me spouting my opinion! This one is a little past due but it's something I wanted to talk about since seeing the new Doctor Strange. This will contain spoilers for anyone who didn't see it, so please keep that in mind.

Seriously. Spoilers. You've been warned.

And, with that being said... I want to talk about Wanda.

I'm not going to say she is the only one who's been through some things. But Wanda? She's been dragged through the darkest parts of the MCU. From nearly dying in an attack sponsered by Stark Industries, to losing her brother, to losing her husband, to losing her kids, to losing her mind... I mean, girl needs years of therapy and the biggest hug.

So, it should have come to no surprise when she entered the fray of this film that she was the bad guy. And this could become a huge missed opportunity when it comes to Marvel. Let me break it down for you.

If the movie is to be believed, Wanda took down the ruins of her temple and died within the rubble. Is this true? No, of course not. I refuse to believe this goddess, who decimated the Illuminati, would be taken out by some falling rocks. But, the characters in the story all believe her to be defeated. Tied up in a nice little bow.

Fuck that.

Wanda's story is one of the fallen hero. It's something that could (and should) expand over multiple movies. She is much more of a threat to the MCU than Thanos for many different reasons. But there's one big one.

Her story, her struggle, her fall from grace? It's everyone's fault. Because everyone saw her struggles and didn't bother to reach out to her. Every other character had someone else at their side until they were strong enough to stand on their own again. Even Loki had someone to help him and he wasn't even a hero!

But Wanda? She had Vision. Until she was forced to watch him die. Again.

My point is Wanda is what happens when someone is left to grieve alone. When someone with the knowledge to fix their life at the expense of others safety is left without a moral compass. And she was something that could have been prevented if someone, anyone came by and asked her how she was holding up.

And that makes for some of the best villains. The ones where the hero is the one at fault for the actions.

But this is just my humble opinion. Maybe you see things differently. And maybe you have good points. And maybe, someday, we'll see which one of us is correct in these thoughts. But we can worry about all of that next time. Until then...

Fare Thee Well!


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