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Jay's Chatterbox: Kingdom Hearts on Disney Plus(?)

Welcome back, fiendish friends! Here's a slightly different little thing for the day. Recently, I heard a little rumor about a certain video game possibly coming to Disney Plus in the near future. It's going to be its own series, which sounds like it might be animated but it could also be live action? I don't know, different people saying different things.

But what I want to talk about is the very existence of Kingdom Hearts. Because that story got weirdly complex. No matter how many times I'm told about it, I still don't get it. So I'm going to try and explain everything I know about it.

Meet Sora. Sora was a Final Fantasy character kicked from the games for being too cheerful and happy. He instead found himself over by the Happiest place on Earth where he ended up on an island with his friends; Riku and Kairi (Also Final Fantasy rejects.) The world then starts to fall apart because of an evil guy named Ansem and Sora is separated from his buddies.

Other worlds suffered the same fate so, using a giant key that claims to be bladed, Sora beats up little monsters that are aparently heartless. Riku becomes bad but not really, Kairi's a Disney princess but not really, and Sora saves the day with light and Riku locks himself in a room.

Mickey's also there.

We move onto the second one where there are now these creatures called nobodies, along with this group of people who are also nobodies. Where we meet Roxas and his friends that aren't really his friends, and his boyfriend Axel who's apart of the Nobody Club (also, the best new character.) And, in the meantime, Sora is sleeping in an ice egg flower thing. Turns out Roxas is Sora's nobody and he goes to live inside Sora when they live happily ever after.

Also, Riku has stolen Ansem's identity and Mickey's pulling badass Yoda shit. They all have keyblades.

Then we move into murkier territory. And by “murkier” I mean I have no idea what's going on.

It's the past. There was a huge battle. Ansem's five different people. The man keeps getting his identity stolen. There's a guy that's Sora, but not really, another guy that's not Roxas but looks like him, there's a girl who has no relation to anyone what-so-ever, and Axel's there but... not?

Then we get to Kingdom Hearts 3. The one we've all been waiting for. I couldn't get passed the fact they basically just put the Frozen movie in the game. Still haven't picked it back up.

And in all of this, Donald duck continues to be the worst support character every to take up a healing staff.

All this is a long winded way of saying this; I could probably get into a Kingdom Hearts show. Convoluted plot aside, it's an interesting concept and I kinda like Sora. I'm also hoping this is an excuse to put Sora into a Disney World park. He would be the only character allowed to travel from kingdom to kingdom and that would just be great.

But that's also saying the rumors are true. Which it's quite possible this is just some bullshit floating around the internet. Either way, hope you enjoyed my weird failed story recap. I'll see you guys next week.

Fare Thee Well!

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