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Jay's Chatterbox: Deadpool Announcement

A little late to the party, I'm sure. But this is pretty big news that we do need to acknowledge. And it's something I never thought I'd get to say. Or, maybe two things I never thought I'd get to say. But Ryan Reynolds is always full of surprises so I don't know why I doubted him. We can never doubt his abilities when it comes to Wade Wilson. Which, segway:

Deadpool is now going to be apart of the MCU!

After D23 and the video dropped not too far off, we get to finally see how Disney will be able to handle the Merc with a Mouth. But I will not be saying the words “finally!” when it comes to this announcement. In my most humble opinion, I'm glad it took them a while to get here. The Mouse needed to get their bearings with all the other properties before trying to tackle someone like Deadpool. He's not exactly their typical brand name. And, way back when, that was pretty clear.

That's not to say the first MCU movies aren't still absolute bangers. It would be sacrilige to suggest otherwise. But you all have to agree the tone of them has gotten progressively darker. We've gone from typical superhero things to actually talking about said superheroes' mental state which may or may not be the cause for a lot of their abilities.

But we also don't stop at the Deadpool announcement. Because of course we can't. But this news is even bigger. And it's something no one was really betting on


(Okay, maybe some really hardcore fans were sitting in what everyone else called “Denial” but they really showed all of us, didn't they?)

Hugh Jackman. Wolverine.

Thanks to the cameo of Sir Patrick Stewart in Wandavision: The Movie/Dr. Strange, we knew it would be possible for them to continue their roles. We also knew the MCU was heading into the multiverse timelines. So, yes, possibility.

But Hugh Jackman seemed to be ready to move on. So to have him back is a jaw-dropping reveal. Even if it's only for one Deadpool movie.

What does this mean for the future? I haven't the slightest. Maybe this will turn into more than one movie. Maybe it'll help introduce more of the mutants, something we all knew was coming. Maybe this will pull in all of our beloved characters and work it's way into the best movie in the world, Morbius, making a reappearance!

I don't know, but at least we don't have to worry about seeing MODOK. Ever. Especially not played by Bill Murray.

This was a little bit of a short one today, but it's mostly because I wanted to gush a little bit over the introduction of some old favorites into the MCU. I'm optimistic about this reveal as I'm sure most of you are as well. But until next time...

Fare Thee Well!

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