Return Policy

If your Order is damaged or never received.

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Please let us know immediately if you receive a damaged product, or if product has not been received by the expected date. If the product has not been received we can give you a refund or exchange for your product. If the product has been damaged, we can give you an even exchange for comics, or a full refund for other products. 

If your Order was recieved

If the product has been received, it can be returned with in 7 days for all non-paper products. (Comics, Graphic Novels, ect.) We do not accept returns on comics unless they have been miss-graded. For those instances we will take it to a case by case basis and work out what is fair with the costumer.  

Shipping Information

For Comics

All comics are bagged and bordered. We wrap all of our comics in bubble wrap before shipping. We also never ship comics in bags, all comics are shipped in boxes to save them from being damaged in shipping. We limit to only 15 comics maximum per box. All shipping is tracked to assure we limit loss and tardiness. 

For all other products

All other products are shipped in boxes or bags and wrapped in bubble wrap. All products are of different shapes and sizes so they are all priced differently and ship in different size boxes. Asll shipping is tracked to assure we limit loss and tardiness.

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