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Jay's Chatterbox: Vecna Character Analysis (Spoilers!)

Hiya, fiendish friends. It's time for another quick character analysis. This time we'll be taking a look at our new monster of the week brought to us by Stranger Things (and Dungeons and Dragons... mostly DND.)

That's right, we're gonna be talking about Vecna today.

Also, in case you didn't catch it in the title of this article, this one contains major spoilers for Stranger Things Season Four. This is the last warning.

Anyway, let's get into it!

Vecna is a very old dnd villain and has served to be the Big Bad in so many campaigns, including the one played as a way of introducing the plot in this season of Stranger Things. His origin story in the show doesn't exactly parallel the original lich, but it does hold some similarities. Both of them are men with dark abilities attempting to gain more and more power, which then leads them into their lich-y fates.

But while they share similar traits, the two of them aren't completely comparable. For instance, dnd Vecna had a pretty “born evil” backstory in which his mother was pretty involved. Stranger's Vecna? Ehhh, not so much. He was more of the “killing small animals with my superpowers” type. Which later led to him being the key to Eleven becoming the badass of this franchise.

Vecna being One did come off as a little bit of a surprise. Obviously, there was going to be some kind of connection. There would have to be. But, I assumed this would be a spot where One had been killed by Vecna. After all, it's the first time that someone has been completely confirmed to change into one of the monsters in the Upside Down. Which means there's hope for anyone who may have gotten stuck in there. They can become the next villains in a dnd campaign!

But on a more serious note; this is obviously going to turn into a superpowered bout between Vecna and Eleven. But what makes this kind of interesting is we don't fully know the reason for Vecna's descent into evil. We have quite the line up with it. What, with him being the first of many powerful infants being experimented on. But he was already showing signs of evil before Papa got his grubby hands all in it.

This could easily turn into a case where there was no turning point for evil. But, we won't know that just yet. We still have to wait for part two to find out completely. Until that day, look for the morse code in the lights and keep away from grandfather clocks! But as always...

Fare Thee Well!


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