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Jay's Chatterbox: Thor Love and Thunder Review (Spoilers)

Hello all those fiendish friends out there! I have returned with another review of another Marvel movie. I know, it's a bit delayed but I was a huge procrastinator in buying tickets and it didn't end in my favor. And I have learned my lesson. And I am sorry.

Truly. So sorry. So so so sorry.

Alright, I think I dragged that out long enough. I'm gonna be talking about Thor: Love and Thunder. By the way, as the title suggests, this review may contain spoilers. This is your final warning.

All good? Okay, let's get into it.

The movie itself was great. It was everything you have come to expect from a Taika Watiti production. Funny, action packed, slightly to very gay. Not to mention a villain who actually offsets the silly feel just enough to make everything just slightly off-kilter when he was there. Gorr the God Butcher ranks pretty high on the list for Thor villains and he was portrayed correctly. I was a little worried this would be a villain that would fall flat but Christian Bale did a fantastic job.

But there's also the possibility of too much funny. A few times the comedy did seem to overshadow a few of the more serious moments. Such as when cancer is brought up in the middle of Thor confessing his love to Jane. It's possible it was trying to show just how awkward Jane is when it comes to anything having to do with another person, but this had the potential to be more heartfelt than the Loki and Thor talk in Ragnarok.

But maybe that's the point. These topics can be hard to approach and, sometimes, people will deal with it through comedy. Because to laugh about it makes it less scary and can make the news just a little easier to handle; at least for a little while.

There's a big theme of loss in this movie. Thor lost pretty much everything and everyone. Gorr lost his faith and his daughter. Jane lost her health and was about to lose her life. And it does a very good job in portraying how each and everyone of them deal with it. From denial, to rage, to acceptance. And all the others in between. But, in the end, it also shows that its possible to move forward from everything and forge yourself a new path. Which is a nice chef's kiss in the end.

It's still missing my favorite boy, but maybe the next Thor movie will have him. I mean, we brought Sif back. Anything is possible!

And I would also like to know because it bugs me. Is Odin in Valhalla? Because I don't think he is. But, I don't know; can you imagine a Valhalla without Odin? It just seems weird.

Anyway, that's all I have for you for now. Hope you all enjoyed my two cents about this movie. So, until next time.

Fare Thee Well!

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