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Jay's Chatterbox: Wednesday Trailer Review

It may come as a surprise to some of you but I've always been a huge fan of the Addams Family. I once dressed up as a member of the family for Halloween and insisted on staying in character the entire time. I've debated on creating cosplays of the other members of the family as well. I still think Gomez and Morticia are the perfect fictional couple.

Sadly, Addams family is also something I can be pretty critical of as well. So, when the trailer for Wednesday released, I was skeptical to say the least. But after a bit of proding, the Bossman got me to watch the trailer.

Am I still as critical? Maybe a bit, yes.

Here's the thing: the trailer shows Wednesday getting kicked out of school after school until her parent bring her to a special academy with people she could get along with. To mix that in, there is some kind of mystery attached to the runnings of the academy, I'm sure. And Wednesday will be the one to get to the bottom of it.

It's also a Tim Burton work. Which worries me even more.

So, you might be thinking this sounds like a typical reboot. It's creepy and kooky and all that jazz. But there's some things that just don't sit right with me.

A big thing about the Addams family is they are a strange family in the middle of a world that is considered normal. They are the odd ones out goth family up the street. But, despite all this, they are friendly and happy to open their homes to anyone. It's almost like they're aliens trying to study humans because they want to understand them.

From the looks of this? It's taking Wednesday and putting her in a goth boarding school that may or may not turn into goth Hogwarts. And I don't know how to feel about it.

The “Normal World” is still there. It's the world that Wednesday is taken out of, most likely because she's causing destruction in the way that her and Pugsley do. (Which we see none of him in the trailer and that worries me a little.) And when you take these characters out of that world, it feels like something is lacking. It takes out an important theme.

Because it separates the Strange from the Norm. And that takes away a crucial part of the Addams Family. The point being that the Strange should not be pushed out just because it's uncomfortable.

But I could be completely wrong. This could be great. I'm just unsure if it'll be my personal cup of tea. At least I know it'll be better than the animated version that came out a few years ago.

That's all for now, spooky people. I'll see ya'll in the next post.

Fare Thee Well!


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