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Jay's Chatterbox: Thoughts on Khonshu

Hello out there again, my fiendish friends. We all knew this one was coming. After all, it's the newest Marvel release, it's been hyped up so much, fricken' Oscar Issac is the star of it, there was no way I wasn't at least going to touch upon Moon Knight. But this one is going to be a little different.

So, let's take a quick look at Khonshu!

When it comes to Egyptian Mythology, the god Khonshu is based on is not one of the best known. He's still a god of the moon, yes, but I really don't know how well he is known for vengeance. (but, let's be honest, a lot of shenanigans happen in Egyptian mythology, so it wouldn't be surprising to find something closer to Moon Knight's Khonshu.)

As we are only two episodes in, people knew to the characters only know that Khonshu is using Mark (and, by extension, Stephen) as his avatar against the forces of evil. Moon Knight is basically his hired hitman, from the looks of it. But, here's something that adds a little twist.

Most gods are seen as something to be revered. They are to be worshiped and followed and thanked for everything they do. And we do see that for another god in this show. But Khonshu? His relationship with his avatar is.... rocky at best. And it's understandable.

Khonshu is a Grade-A dick.

He's terrifying to behold in the right light, sure. But put him in the body of a mortal, normal guy and he'd just be like a whiny spoiled rich brat. And I'm sure this makes Mark very reluctant to want anything to do with him.

We already know he's reluctant to keep this whole dynamic going, of course. But I imagine hearing him cry out like a deep voiced Veruca Salt would just be another heavy straw on this already burdened camel's back.

It's an interesting dynamic to have a god not be worshiped but, instead, treated as a nuisance. Or a micro-managing supervisor. It's a dynamic Marvel always shows. The way they treat gods is extremely interesting. All of them have personality and flaws and goals. And this is typically without straying too far from their source material. Everything from jock-like Thor to this new dick with a bird skull head could be considered proper representation of the gods.

At least, as far as I see it.

But anyway, this is all I have for now. We'll most likely be touching upon Moon Knight at least once more as the show continues. But until that comes, I bid you all a good day.

Fare Thee Well!


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