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Jay's Chatterbox: Thor Love and Thunder Trailer

Good morning, my fiendish friends! A little late to the party for this one, but I still have to talk about it because, well, it's an update. What am I talking about? The release of the Thor Love and Thunder trailer. Finally. So, I'm gonna do a quick little breakdown of what we see in it.

This trailer gave a bunch of He-Man, 80s style feel. Very retro and very fitting considering Thor is now riding with the Guardians. And we all know Quill and his choice of music. Not to mention Thor himself has always given off that old school 80s rock vibe. You know, when he's not giving off high fantasy vibes. But, anywho, the trailer gives off a lot of fun adventures in space feels. It looks like it could be gearing up to be like Ragnarok.

However, there are some points that show there's something a little more sinister in the works. I'm sure we all know this is going to be Gorr the God Butcher which... doesn't really fit the same feel as this trailer. We see the giant frozen beast dead, willing to bet that's Gorr's first found victim. We see Valkyrae in a very sharp suit which is probably about her fighting for New Asgard to stay it's own thing.

But then we get to what we were all waiting to see; Swol Natalie Portman in all her Thor glory.

Theory time!

Looking at the hammer, it's clear this is the same Mjolnir from Ragnarok. The same one Hela shattered. It broke on Earth in Norway which means it's not out of the question for Jane Foster to have found the pieces. Of course, this differs from Comic Thor in a very large way considering Mjolnir didn't shatter before Thor became unworthy.

But this is where things really differ. I don't think Thor is unworthy. I think he's rejecting it so hard that Mjolnir just finds another Thor. At which point you might say “duh” but I mean this could be to the point where Thor will give up his name like he did in the comics. After all, when Steve Rogers was able to summon Mjolnir, he didn't gain anything. No flowy red cape, no helmet, nothing but the lightning and the hammer. And I bet my bottom dollar it's because Thor was still holding onto to his worthiness.

The appearance of Jane Foster Thor is Thor Odinson finally being able to let go and move on. And, if I'm right, this might be the MCU shelving Chris Hemsworth's Thor.

Or maybe I'm completely wrong. I mean, we won't know until the movie comes out this summer, at which point I will be gloating in my rightness or I'll be singing the Jay's Wrong Song. Only time will tell. But as of right now this is my take. I'll see y'all next week!

Fare Thee Well!


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