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Jay's Chatterbox: She-Hulk Episode One Review

Hello again, my fiendish friends! I'm back with yet another review for you. This one is something we've all been waiting for since it was announced at least a year ago. And the first episode finally released this passed Thursday so here I am with my opinions


That's right, I'm talking about She-Hulk.

For those who don't know, She-Hulk real name is Jennifer Walters. She is an attorney who just so happens to be cousins with our brilliant scientist/mean green friend Bruce Banner. After an accident that mixes his gamma radiation blood into her body, she gains the ability to transform into her own giant rage machine.

With a few key differences.

She doesn't lose herself. At all. She is still the same lawyer with her smart-ass comments still fully intact. Now she just happens to have the ability to throw a client through a wall. I don't know if the intimidation would make me want to hire her or stay away from her.

Either way, she is still fully conscious. Which is much more than Banner could say being that it took him several movies to achieve that level of sentience. Something they do address in the show but seem to have brushed it off to simply be Bruce and Jen are just “different people.”

Just a little bit of a ramble here: Originally, there was more of a DID angle for Hulk. Hulk wasn't just some kind of mindless beast but more along the lines of an alternate identity in Bruce's mind. It was something they played with before Smart Hulk became a thing in the MCU. But since then Banner seems to have completely assimilated with Hulk. I have my doubts to that but time will tell.

But this is also the best explanation as to why there is no Hulk living inside Jen. She never had anything like DID before the accident so she gets to keep the power set to herself and not have to share it with someone who may or may not be just a giant enraged toddler.

It's too early to tell about the fourth wall breaking though.

But back to the episode. There's not much I can say about Episode one. It was really just more of a backstory episode; technically it would qualify as an episode zero rather than a one. But it did it's job. It let us know the characters, the setting, and the tone to expect from the series. It also introduced Bruce Banner into the show which, while necessary, does open up the possibilities for other cameos.

Hell, maybe Matt Murdock will come in somehow. They'll have a Phoenix Wright style courtroom battle. For that, I'm not gonna hold my breath. But it would be a cool little addition to everything.

But that's all for today, my friends. We'll see what this show has in store for us. I'll probably talk again about it when it all wraps up. Until next time.

Fare Thee Well!

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