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Jay's Chatterbox: Ms. Marvel Episode One

Hellooooo fiendish friends and welcome back! I'm happy to write about today's little review thing because it is something I've been waiting for since it was announced. I wrote a first take on the trailer and everything.

If it's not already obvious by the picture, I'm talking about Ms. Marvel today. The first episode released on Disney Plus and I've been waiting oh so patiently for the chance to go over it and talk about everything the show has to offer. So, let's get into it!

First off, Kamala Khan does for so many kids what Peter Parker did way back in the day. She's just a normal kid from the city. She grew up in a normal house. She has a normal family and all that. In fact, she is pretty much every nerdy teenager you'd ever meet; complete with an obsession with one of the Avengers. I mean, she's a cosplayer. A cosplayer who's going places considering that Captain Marvel cosplay was the first one she ever created. I mean, damn.

But then she stumbles upon these powers completely by accident. She wasn't out looking to get them and she wasn't in a position to where some secret organization came out of nowhere to give them to her. She's a kid, she gains powers, she thinks they're cool but ultimately knows nothing about handling them. Completely realistic to the way anyone else would handle it.

And that's what I mean. So many people- kids and adults alike- can see themselves in Kamala. If you weren't like her, you at least knew someone who was. But, moving on.

The first episode started out cute enough. To start off, her family is very traditional Pakistani, from which she would like to break away if only a bit. Kamala is usually a good kid but wants to go to a superhero convention only to be told no by her parents. Shocker, she sneaks out and goes anyway, hijinks ensue. That is my spoiler-free summary.

Something little that I find very unrealistic though. Not many first conventions look like that. If anything this would be the fifth at least. Many first conventions are small, without too much really going on. They're getting a feel for what they are and how to do their thing. (or they're Dashcon. Look it up if you don't know. That would need a blog post all on its own.) I get why they did it. No one wants to see a less than exciting convention. But still, we all know that wouldn't be convention number one.

All in all, Episode One was exactly what you would expect out of a superhero origin story. I can't wait for them to showcase her powers in the show. And maybe we'll be able to see her get into the actual MCU in the near future! Here's hoping. But for now, I must sign off.

Fare Thee Well!


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