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What's the Owner Doing : Talking about the Comic industry. (Parental Advisory)

What's going on, crime lords? I am the owner of The Evil Lair Comics and Collectibles and this is the first addition to a segment that I will be releasing every Wednesday. And in this segment you get an in-depth and unfiltered look at my thoughts on what ever it is that I am enjoying this week. And for this week Im mad about the state of the comic book industry.

This week is a little different, this week I wanted to talk about something that's been urking me. The state of the comic book industry.

When you look up how the comic industry is doing you get the statistic that the industry is speculated to reach 4.6 billion dollars by 2026. Now that s really good but then why do you constantly hear that comic book stores are closing down?

These statistics are not taken by the sales that come from stores but from the distributors that sell them to said stores. This is all coming from two distributors. Lunar Distribution and Diamond Distribution.

Being that there are only the two they can charge what ever they want, essentially monopolizing the comic industry. Stores have no choice but to deal with them. The reason it's still technically legal is because they are part of the "novel industry".

Now moving away from price let's talk about the stigma. With the MCU breaking box office records there are more comic book fans then ever... new and old. And as Jay has already spoken about gatekeeping is a huge issue in the industry. Something else I wanted to bring up about this is cosplayers.

Cosplayers are not destroying the industry. Yes comic conventions are becoming more cosplay conventions, but that's just because people love the source material so much that they want to dress like them. To say cosplayers arnt "real fans" is a ridiculous notion. Thats like saying a comic artist isn't as important as the writer.

All in all the industry is changing. I don't think it's changing in the best way but that is up to us, the community to shape it into a reputable community. I believe in us and think we can do it.

But thats all I'm going to say today, I could go on for pages about this. I am thinking of switching my format to an audio log every Wednesday. Let me know if that's something you would prefer!

Anyway join our Discord! The link is on the bottom of the page, let's build this Evil Lair community! Make friends, play games, talk comics! I'll catch you later, Asta La Pasta!

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