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What's the Owner Doing : Horizon: Forbidden West (Parental Advisory)

What's going on, crime lords? I am the owner of The Evil Lair Comics and Collectibles and this is the first addition to a segment that I will be releasing every Wednesday. And in this segment you get an in-depth and unfiltered look at my thoughts on what ever it is that I am enjoying this week. And for this week I have been Playing Horizon: Forbidden West.

Alight I have yet to finish this game so please be patient with me. I would consider myself a Horizon fan. I replayed Zero Dawn in preparation for its new sequel, and over all I have to say its fucking great.

Really I have very few gripes about the game. It seems like they really fixed all the issues of the old game and added a bunch of new stuff. From the new weapons to the new machines there is so much to explore and just exist in the world.

The weapons are all different and the new ones are supper initiative. In the last one it was pretty simple. Arrow, Big Arrow, Arrow with rope to trip, Arrow with rope to pin, and sling shot. But in this one you have all of those and a sling shot that's a boomerang, a spear that explodes, a side bow that shoots special ammo, there's just so many different ways to play this game. So many different ways to kill machines.

Next up is the Machines. They added SO MANY FUCKING MACHINES. As well I think the ramped up the difficulty. In Zero dawn I found myself mid game being godly overpowered where even Thunderjaws were a breeze. In this game I'm a level 30 and I'm still getting my ass kicked from a level 20. And I love me a challenge.

Now for the few gripes I have. I feel like the climbing is still a little bland. I get it there's not much you can do, go up, down, left, right, and jump. But it seems like the climbing can be super clunky at times. Like Alloy jumps onto a ledge you didn't want or she just doesn't feel like jumping and is enjoying the view.

That being said the controls overall are a little clunky when I think about it. It does get a little exhausting sliding all over the place. Now I know I don't need to slide but in the first one I fucking loved sliding. In this one it feels kind of. bleh.

Again I haven't finished the game yet so maybe Ill redo this review later on when I do finally finish it.

But that's what I've been doing with my week. If there's anything particular anyone wants me to talk about, or just genuinely things I'd like something comment on here or join our discord. The link should be at the top of the page, just click the little discord Icon. Anyways that's all I got to say. Asta La Pasta!

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