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What's the Owner Doing : The Batman (Parental Advisory)

What's going on, crime lords? I am the owner of The Evil Lair Comics and Collectibles and this is the first addition to a segment that I will be releasing every Wednesday. And in this segment you get an in-depth and unfiltered look at my thoughts on what ever it is that I am enjoying this week. And for this week I went to see The Batman.

Alright, let me start this off by saying I have always been in love with Batman. I love every rendition of Batman.... yes even Batfleck.... yes.... even Bat nipples. Even though they are my least favorite Batmen I can whole heartedly say this is my favorite Batman movie.

Being that I can't contain myself here is your


Alright so... Batman. The Batman. I have always said no actor has portrayed both Bruce Wayne and Batman well. Its always one or the other. Unforantly this is still true. Robert Pattinson is Batman, 100%. But he has yet to have the time to shine as Bruce. This is year 2 Batman. He still hasn't quite got the handle of everything and his Bruce Wayne persona he hasn't learned to utilize. I think there is hope for the future.

The over all story is fucking fantastic. This movie finally utilized the perfect part that mainstream Batman fans never really got to see. Batman is a master detective, not just a billionaire in a metal suit with karate lessons. And this is the first blockbuster Batman movie where you get to see him really put on his detective face and figure shit out.

The main Villain in this movie is The Riddler as portrayed by the brilliant Paul Dano. This is a brand new take on the Riddler. In the comics and most movies the Riddler is very arrogant. A know it all. The worst guy at a party. And don't get me wrong he is all these things in this movie, but he is also a kid. He makes mistakes emotionally. Big spoiler here but at the end of the movie you find out he thought Batman and him were working together the whole time. That is a great twist. Usually the Riddler is trying to prove he is smarter than Batman. In this movie its more about him having a boy crush on Batman.

Now that we talked about Riddler let me bring up a theory I have about this movie. So now I'm going to start a brand new segment in my reviews called

"Crackpot theater"

Alright, in the scene where Batman goes into the interrogation room to speak to Riddler he heavily implies that he knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. Its hinted at earlier in the movie. And you can feel the tension with Batman that he's afraid that he's going to tell everyone his secret.

But then he begins talking about Bruce Wayne and how he was a spoiled rich kid that was orphaned but didn't get the same life he did as an orphan. And that Riddler and Batman are better than Bruce Wayne. So that shows no... he didn't know that. But what if he does know. He sent Batman to the orphanage right when he sent the bomb to "kill Bruce Wayne." Why did he send Batman to that orphanage? To show him a video and information that he was going to release publicly in just a few moments? No, I think he sent Batman there to prove to himself that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Because Bruce Wayne famously never left his mansion. And I think Riddler is saving that information to use later. Because in the comics he does find out but then Batman brings up "What good is a riddle where everyone know the answer?" In which Riddler keeps it to himself. Anyway thats my rap up on Crackpot Theater.

Now real quick let me talk about Catwoman. I did not think I would like Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman. And its nothing against Zoë Kravitz, but my opinion is there has NEVER been a good Catwoman. No actress has done her justice.

Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns) , way to over the top. I know those movies were supposed to be over the top, but she pushed it a little to over the top, like she was sexual, but that's basically all she was..

Camren Bicondova (Gotham) wasn't terrible but I found her to be way to childish and over dramatic. Again I know shes supposed to be a child in this but it didn't feel Catwoman to me.

Anne Hathaway (Dark Knight Rises) she was so boring. I saw this movie like 20 times and I can't remember much of what she even did.

Halley Berry (Catwoman) .... do I really need to explain myself?

and I don't count Lee Meriwether or Eartha Kitt because they were a different time and you can't compare. Same with all animated shows.

But Zoë Kravitz, she finally nailed Catwoman perfectly. She had the perfect balance of fem fatal with sexual undertones. A Selena Kyle that has true emotion and sticks to what she believes in, just like the Catwoman I have always read in the comics. I think Zoë Kravitz really took this movie from being great to being a master piece.

Im going to rap this up by addressing what everyone's probably thinking....

"Thom! How can you say this movie is better than the greatest comic book movie of all time The Dark Knight!"

And to that I say this. Take Heath Ledger out of that movie. Its is now a very okay movie. He made that movie what it is and I can not in good faith call something brilliant because one aspect of it is perfect. The Batman has over all A+ Across the board. The Dark Night has an A+ for the Joker.... I would say a solid B-.

But that's what I've been doing with my week. If there's anything particular anyone wants me to talk about, or just wants to hang out and chat join our Discord! The link should be at the bottom of the page, just click the little discord Icon. Anyways that's all I got to say. Asta La Pasta!

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