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What's the Owner Doing : Peacemaker (Parental Advisory)

What's going on, crime lords? I am the owner of The Evil Lair Comics and Collectibles and this is the first addition to a segment that I will be releasing every Wednesday. And in this segment you get an in-depth and unfiltered look at my thoughts on what ever it is that I am enjoying this week. And for this week I have been watching Peacemaker.

Alright this show is.... alot. Like straight up this show is the dumbest, most trash show that has ever made me cry. It knows what it is, it isn't going for any awards, but it tugs at your heart strings just enough for you to forget that you are essentially watching the trash tv of all super heroes. And from here you get a


In this show you literally have a man who killed this worlds version of Captain America (Rick Flag) get taken out of his jail cell to fight Butterflies aliens that infest human brains and use them as meat suits, all while being tracked down but his anti-sematic father who is the leader of a Nazi cult and wants him dead because someone framed the father because peacemaker killed a woman with 80s hair in a parking lot after they fucked because she tried to kill him because she was a butterfly. *inhale* And that's not even touching on any of the other characters. For instance there is a psychopath who calls himself Vigilante, (and also Peacemakers BFF) that clearly has been heavily HEAVILY inspired by Deadpool.

But I'm not here to just recap what happened in the show, I hate it when people do that. I'm here to tell you what the show gives you. After watching it you are left with a true sense of joy. This show gave me exactly as much of everything I wanted in a show. Laughs, cries, and even some cringe.

When this show get real it really sheds a perfect light on toxic masculinity. Peacemaker itself, at first glance, looks like the type of show that is all about Tits Guns and Explosions.... but then you watch it and find its exactly that, but not at the expense of anyone or anything else. A perfect example is the character I brought up earlier Vigilante.

Vigilante spends the entire show just being the worst. He has no real emotion or remorse. There is a scene where Peacemaker is having trouble killing children and Vigilante takes over, he then goes on to kill the entire family while whistling like he's taking out the trash. A real monster. But then later in the show he gets himself arrested to attempt to kill Peacemakers father. He sits at the table with The White Dragon and begins to talk about how rock and roll would be nothing with out the black culture it was taken from. A monster with a heart? A monster who has compassion for cultural appropriation? No a human with issues. No one is truly evil, no one is truly good. But I digress.

This is a perfect addition to the DC. It shows that DC is finally going to take their time and make well developed characters and make what everyone wants them to make, good content.

Now with that being said I can't talk about the good in this show with out bring up a few gripes I had with it. Now I love James Gunn. He really made something great here. But there is one huge issue that DC has and that's its repetitive nature. In Superman, aliens came to our planet to turn it into their world and thrive. In Suicide Squad, aliens came to our planet to take over and thrive. In The Suicide Squad they changed it up a bit, an Alien starfish was on our planet and a group of people where hired to take it out (Project Starfish) under the guise of a different mission (then you find out it was just to make sure the USA wasn't linked to it). Then Peacemaker is a mix of all of those things. An alien race of Butterflies came to our planet to change the world so they can thrive and a group of people were hires to take them out under the guise of a different mission. I understand that this is a very common practice in super hero movies to rehash same ideas in slightly different situations but this seems a little too the same all the way through.

In conclusion this show was a breath of fresh air when it comes to characters and theming. But when it comes down to the actual over all story its still a little uninspired. It is moving in the right direction and I am excited to see what else DC has in store for us.

But that's what I've been doing with my week. If there's anything particular anyone wants me to talk about, or just genuinely things I'd like something comment on here or join our discord. The link should be at the top of the page, just click the little discord Icon. Anyways that's all I got to say. Asta La Pasta!


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