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What if...? Episodes 7 review!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Episode Seven

Heads up, this review might have some slight spoilers considering there’s a few things I wanna talk about. Anyone who has siblings has thought about it. You can be as close as can be and it would still come across your mind. I know I’ve been there! You don’t know what thought I’m talking about? Well, it’s this one. What if I was an only child? So, in this episode, Thor gets to explore just that. And, you know, the idea of having Thor without Loki did occur to me in the past, but it ended up with a possibly less compassionate, borderline evil Thor. A Thor who might not necessarily kill a child for fun, but wouldn’t do anything to save said child if they were in danger. What you might expect out of a god walking among mortals. It’s nice to see my expectations were wrong. Instead, we get an alien frat-boy and I am living for it. So, the story goes that, rather than adopting Loki when finding him after a horrible bloody battle with the frost giants, Odin returns him to Laufey. Which is an exchange I would have wanted to see. (“Yeah, I know we just tried to murder each other with extreme prejudice, but now we have this treaty and all? And I found your son, so here you go!”) So, interesting spoiler right here; Loki’s not dead. He was just raised alongside his people. And, to be completely honest, it would seem this was the best move Odin could have made for the relationship between the Joudinheim and Asgard. With Loki there, he still built a relationship with Thor, but now he’s a full-fledged frost giant and the heir to the throne. But, it does have its downfalls. Because when Odin goes into Odinsleep and leaves Thor to his own devices, Thor decides to throw a party in a place Heimdall would never think to look; right on Earth. And nobody is trying to play the devil’s advocate here to tell him it’s probably not the best idea. Not until Jane arrives, at least. Because that brings in one of Earth’s Mightiest and, at this time, the only one who can go toe to toe with the God of Thunder. This episode is probably the funniest out of all the What Ifs so far. It’s definitely the lightest as it gives off it’s Bueler’s Day Off vibes. Also, as mentioned above, there is a protector of Earth that can take on Thor and watching the two fight was very entertaining in less of a “battle for the fate of humanity” and more of a “okay, no, you’re gonna do what I say or I’m telling mom.” It was a nice little palate cleanser of an episode after the heavy hitting feels of the last couple. It’s positioning in the series makes me worry a bit about the rest of them, though. Feel like the next two might turn out to be extra spicy. Especially considering the ending of this one made the good feels take a nosedive. I’d talk about it, but I hit my spoiler limit for this review. So, until the next review! Catch all you Fiendish Nerds next time!

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