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What if...? Episode Three Spoiler Free Review!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Episode Three

Yo, back at it again with this What If series! Gonna be honest, there are times where I forget I’m also writing about this and end up just watching it for the sake of watching it. I’ll never get tired of this. From the stories to the animation style.

Also, I haven’t mentioned it yet but I do have to say; I absolutely love the Watcher’s voice. It’s perfect for this character, giving that otherworldly feel to the otherworldly being. The being that can only observe, never interfere. I’m living for it.

Anyway, onto the episode!

What would happen if the Avengers Initiative were to never get off the ground. If Phase One was crushed before it could even take its first breath. How could it happen? Where would it lead? What does that mean for the planet as a whole? Will Coulson ever get his Captain America cards signed by Steve Rogers?

All these questions get answered. Except that last one. Nobody’s really asking that one.

What was originally supposed to be a run-of-the-mill recruitment week for Fury goes a little sideways when all those he was hoping to bring in start dropping like flies. It becomes less of the action packed Marvel superhero story and more of a Murder Mystery whodunit scenario. It doesn’t take too long for everyone to get involved, turning this from a simple murder investigation to a whole intergalactic issue.

This episode has a lot. Some things in it felt nearly nonsensical. I would even daresay some smaller details felt a little out of character, but nothing that truly seems completely out of left field.

All of it is worth it to hear someone refer to Loki at “The goth kid.”

But to add it all together, this is an interesting twist on what would happen if the Earth’s Mightiest never got a chance to shine. And it was interesting to find where it all stems from.

A quick little criticism of this. I’ll start off by saying it’s very nice to see our favorites in different situations. The main group in the spotlight and all that. It makes all the fanboys squeal, after all. But it would be nice to see those who haven’t gotten their much deserved screen time too.

Prime example right here for you. Don’t get me wrong; Thor and Loki are great! Their sibling rivalry was the spark that ignited the Avengers torch, after all. But what about Sif having more than one line? Angry, battle-ready Sif could have been just as dangerous as mischievous scamp Loki. Possibly even more so. (Maybe that in itself is the problem; once she’s ready for battle, there’s no diplomacy. But still!)

The way the episode ends is very true to form. Like a domino effect, one leading into the other leading into the other and so on. Which could also hint at the idea of smaller characters taking up the role for their spotlight greedy counterparts. But only time will tell if we ever get to see any of it.

I mean, I know for a fact we’re gonna get Marvel Zombies before we get to see Beta Ray Bill, which is both unsurprising and disappointing to me. I will always keep Hope, though. Gotta hold onto it.

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