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What if...? Episode 8 Review!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Episode Eight

With the end coming near, it’s all starting to come together. This episode was a good show of this. It seems to lead almost directly from the last episodes ending, which is interesting as none of them have been connected outside of the Watcher. It also does more with what was hinted at in the Dr. Strange episode. That being the ability to actually see and communicate with the Watcher himself.

Although, this time it’s an actual threat.

It was always a bit of a complaint when talking about the Age of Ultron movie. It wasn’t really an “age” so much as it was just a shitty week. It’s the weakest Avengers movie and doesn’t get to go into Ultron being such a big threat. This, however, shows just how threatening he can be.

One of the scariest things about Ultron is how dedicated he is. Once a program meant for peace, the AI spun it on its head like a genie in any of the old stories and turned it into a “the only way to have peace is to destroy everything” way. And once his programming was set on destruction, there was no turning back. Ultron’s end goal sounds like something we would want when it’s presented to you in one word:


But, from a purely logical standpoint, that can’t happen when even two humans share a space. Thus, everyone must die to keep peace. And trying to convince him otherwise is impossible, because the logic is locked.

So, now we take that AI and give him all the power he could ever hope to gain. The power is just going to keep growing and, as we’ve already seen, it can grow until he sees things not meant to be seen by the mortal eyes.

So much of this episode was me saying “oh, shit!” over and over again. There are so many points that throw you through a loop. Where you think it’ll go one direction and, instead, gives you the finger and drops you into an entirely different field.

Anyway, can’t wait to see how this wraps up in next week’s episode. Will Ultron be defeated? Or will he live on to destroy and bring perfect “peace” to even more unwilling masses? Find out next time, Fiendish Nerds! Until then, peace out!

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