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What if...? Episode 5 Spoiler Free Review!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Episode Five


Let’s be honest here; this was the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Since the announcement of the “What If?” series, everyone’s been thinking about the Marvel Zombies. It’s just the nature of the beast. As soon as zombies might be on the table, we as pop culture consumers don’t stop until we get it.

I mean, zombies are pretty cool, so I’m not knocking it. Just pointing it out.

This episode kind of took me by surprise though. It starts out as if it’s taking directly from when Banner gets sent back to Earth in Infinity War. It starts off just like that, but then throws you through the loop when typical zombie apocalypse stuff starts happening.

But these aren’t normal run-of-the-mill shambling zombies. Of course they aren’t! How boring would that be? Seeing a glassy-eyed, decaying, stumbling Black Widow just kind of wandering up to her old friends? Yeah, it would be the typical zombie version of heartbreaking, but that would be it. She would be taken down quickly and they would deal with their grief as they normally do; figuring out who’s face they need to punch in to fix all of this.

No, these zombies kick ass. They’re what you might expect a superhero to be if you give them some kind of zombie virus. They don’t go much into why they still know how to use the old abilities so don’t bother questioning it. Instead, just enjoy it. Because that’s the real point in zombie media.

Don’t think; just consume it.

Anyways, this episode was full of twists I will not be diving into. All I can really say is characters that have possibly made you cry before might attempt to do it again. There really isn’t any place I can point and say “oh yeah, that’s the bad guy of this.” Everyone has a reason for what they’re doing.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

I have a special place in my heart for the puppy dog Peter Parker and he, once again, doesn’t fail to make me want to just give the boy a fluffy blanket, a hot chocolate, and a goddamn hug. Seriously, Peter! You’re supposed to be an asskicking avenger! Stop making me wanna adopt you!

The episode’s ending was a little more cliffhanger-y than usual, which kind of tells me there might be a part two coming. But I’m not completely sure about that; I’m not a part of the Marvel team, after all. Not that I would object to it or anything.

I’m not sure if I would want to see another episode of Zombies or be happy with the open ending of it. But I guess we’ll know when they release the next episode.

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