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"Up From the Depths" Part 1 of 6.Vermin is back! And on another murderous rampage! The web-slinger hasn't clashed with the man-like rat or the rat-like man since the conclusion of Kraven's Last Hunt in Spectacular Spider-Man 132. But now the wondrous wall-crawler must suppress his fears, descend into the sewer, and find Vermin! Meanwhile, Harry Osborn is hearing voices in his head from his dead father Norman Osborn (aka the original Green Goblin). That can't be good for Harry...nor the Amazing Spider-Man! (Notes: Vermin previously appeared in the Avengers "Death Trap, the Vault" graphic novel. This issue begins the six-part Child Within storyline.)

Spectacular Spider-Man #178 (1st Series) 1978

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  • 07/1991

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