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SHHH! The Boys™ have gotten ahold of Temp V from Vought International, and with G FUEL, are distributing it to the world! The Seven might be considered unstoppable, but now we can match them at their own game. Help make your future as bright as Starlight with the G FUEL Temp V Collector’s Box! Temp V gives normies temp powers, just like Butcher! And with a thrilling sour-punch Lemon Lime kick straight at your taste buds! Shake up your G FUEL Temp V as fast as A-Train to help you attain the focus, endurance, and energy of a Supe!

GFUEL The Boys Temp V Collectors Box - Sour Lemon Limeade

SKU: 810044888324
Out of Stock
    • 40 oz The Boys™ Temp V Tub
    • 16 oz G FUEL The Boys™ Temp V Shaker Cup
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