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Ready to embark on an epic journey unlike anything you’ve ever faced? Then try the newest flavor in G FUEL’s Hydration line, Lightning Lemonade – inspired by Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder, only in theaters beginning July 8!  You will love this combo of sweet and sour that’s just bursting with classic Lemonade taste! Plus, each Collector’s Box comes with a heroic Shaker Cup that is fan-worthy! No calories! No caffeine! No sugar! Let this lightning help power your hydration levels, whether you’re gearing up for a harrowing cosmic adventure or just kicking back on Midgard!

Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love & Thunder is in theaters July 8.

GFUEL Hydration Marvel Studios Thor Love and Thunder Collector's Box - Lemonade

SKU: 810044888256
Only 1 left in stock
    • (1) 30 oz Lightning Lemonade Hydration Tub
    • (1) 16 oz Thor: Love and Thunder Shaker Cup
  • Thor's Lightning Lemonade

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