Detective Comics #1028

  • Spinning out of the events of “The Joker War” and Detective Comics #1027 comes a tale of the beginning of the end for Gotham City’s status quo. With tensions flaring and a new mayoral candidate making his anti-hero agenda known to the city, Batman and his allies are stretched thin to keep the peace. But just as things couldn’t look any worse, a string of gruesome murders has left a trail of the most corrupt in Gotham City losing their heads...literally. If Batman doesn’t quickly find the killer—the Dark Knight will be next.DC The Doomed and The Damned #1 contains:

    - Madame Xanadu and Man-Bat in "Grief's Quiet Name" by John Arcudi and Mike Perkins

    - Batman in "Urban Legends" by Saladin Ahmed and Leonardo Manco

    - Green Lantern in "The Shadow Over Coast City" by Kenny Porter and Riley Rossmo

    - Wonder Woman and Raven in "Inner Demons" by Amanda Deibert and Daniel Sampere

    - Solomon Grundy and Ra's al Ghul in "7 Days" by Marv Wolfman and Tom Mandrake

    - Superman and Swamp Thing in "From Humble Roots" by Amedeo Turturro and Max Fiumara

    - Orphan and Orca in "The Hunt" by Alyssa Wong and Domo Stanton

    - Aquaman and Frankenstein in "Follow the Water" by Brandom Thomas and Baldemar Rivas

    - Beast Boy and Klarion in "Beast Boys to Men" by Travis Moore

    - Baytor and Darkseid in "Baytor vs. Darkseid" by Garth Ennis and PJ Holden