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Everything has its cost, Particularly Vengeance. It extracts a toll that is sometimes easily paid, but often devastating. That lesson touches everyone in this issue, including Vampirella. But while forgiveness is a virtue, the need for vengeance is compelling. The Mayhem caused by Hyde 25, the monster-creating drug, is far from over. There is chaos on the streets and only one man-a madman- is prepared to fight the insanity. Join bishop and the Hyde 25 task force in their own adventures.


INCLUDES: Poster offer Card

Vengeance of Vampirella #10 (1995)

SKU: VOV101995
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  • Vengeance of Vampirella #10 1995 with cards and coupons inside! 

    bagged and boarded Actual scan of the actual book that you will receive I package my books for secure ...

    Comics / Graphic Novel · Fiction


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