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"Odin Must Die,"; Annihilus tears his way through the Crimson Hawks, towards Odin; Thor and others stand in his way; Odin appears and with little more than a gesture, sends Annihilus screaming back from where he came; On Earth, Mongooses mysterious master wants more of Thors tissue samples, so Mongoose kidnaps Eric Masterson to draw Thor out; Thor senses the trouble through the bond he shares with Kevins toy hammer; Odin sends Thor to Earth through the Fantastic Fours negative zone portal. This Lethal Land, script by Tom DeFalco, art by Tony DeZuniga; Thor and the Warriors Three capture Ulagg by Volstagg sitting on him. 36 pgs., full color. $0.75. 

Thor #405 (1st Series) 1989 - Journey Into Mystery

SKU: 10000000015
  • 07/05/1989

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