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Catch more of Sonic the Hedgehog's earliest adventures in Sonic the Hedgehog Archives #4! Fans are jumping at the chance to travel back in time to where it all began. In this thrilling series of upscale reprints, Sonic's early days are presented in a premium-yet-affordable format.

Volume 4 - 1st printing. Collects Sonic the Hedgehog (1993- ) #13-16. The thrilling new series that lets fans relive classic Sonic stories continues! Volume 4 presents issues #13-#16 of Sonic's ongoing comic book series in a special edition. Each story is meticulously restored and printed on high-grade paper - so you can feel like you're zipping right alongside the cobalt champion as he saves Knothole Village! This action-packed edition features the first appearance of mega-fan-favorite, Knuckles the Echidna! Stories include: "This Island Hedgehog" and "Space in your Face" (issue #13), "Tails' Taste of Power" and "Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun" (issue #14), "Rockin' the 'Bot," "What's the Big Idea?" and "Animal Magnetism" (issue #15), "Sonic Under Glass" and "The Man from H.E.D.G.E.H.O.G" (issue #16). Softcover, 5-in. x 7 1/2-in., 96 pages, full color. All Ages Cover price $7.95.

Sonic the Hedgehog Archives, Vol. 4 (1st Printing)

SKU: 9781879794245
  • 05/01/2007

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