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"Hi, Honey...I'm Home!" Guest-starring the Beast. S. The bouncing Beast comes to Avengers Mansion to visit his long-lost friend Simon Williams! Hank McCoy is overjoyed that Wonder Man is alive! And the two friends quickly depart the mansion for a night on the town! However Simon and Hank's fun evening comes to a screeching halt, when a new super-villain called Pagan begins trashing Times Square! Every available avenger responds to the scene and tests their faith against the powerful Pagan! Cameo appearances by Jarvis, Duane Freeman, Hank Pym, and Ultron. Avengers Lineup: Beast, Captain America, Firestar, Justice, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Vision, and Wonder Man.

Avengers #14 (1998 3rd Series)

SKU: 75960604458001411
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  • 03/1999

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