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 "Salad Daze," After spoiling a jewel robbery, Spider-Ham returns home, and surprises Aunt May, who falls into a coma; A robbery at the hospital puts him on the trail of the Master Conniver, who turns out to be Ducktor Doom, and the three interns on the trail of Spider-Ham; He battles gun-toting giant vegetables, Doom escapes, and a vegetable-to-May transfusion saves her. "Awful Flight," Snow-Youse awakens from a bad dream and finds herself in Walrus's home, where they are joined by Aroma, Trinket, and Hockeypuck. Heading out to fight acid rain, the team ponders their fate, finds a US Dollar, and spends it on root beer

Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham (1985 Marvel/Star Comics) #6

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  • 03/1986

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