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In partnership with Marvel Studios, G FUEL is ready to bring you along for an exciting globetrotting adventure with the new Moonberry Hydration Collector’s Box - Inspired by Marvel Studios’ premiere action packed series Moon Knight – now streaming on Disney+!

Moonberry features the fist of vengeance himself smack dab on the hydration tub and 16 oz Shaker Cup, both ready to take the night and quench your thirst with an amazing two-hit flavor combo: blueberry açai! A sweet blueberry PUNCH with the tart KICK of açai straight to your taste buds. No calories! No sugar! No caffeine! Just pure hydration!

GFUEL Hydration Marvel Studios Moon Knight Collectors Box - Moonberry

SKU: 810044887280
Out of Stock
    • Box Includes (1) Moonberry Hydration Tub
    • Box Includes (1) 16 oz Moon Knight Shaker Cup
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