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NE OF US: PART 1 - Written by DANIEL WAY Penciled by PACO MEDINA. The Merc with a Mouth is back, even deadlier and more deranged than before! The planet has been invaded by Skrulls, everything's gone topsy-turvy...but, in Deadpool's world, that just means it's Monday! Crazy times call for crazy men, but c'mon, this guy's insane! Like it or not, Deadpool may be the only person on the planet who can save us...but who's to say he wants to? Be here for the explosive debut of the new ongoing series by writer Daniel Way (WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, GHOST RIDER, BULLSEYE: GREATEST HITS) and fan-favorite artist Paco Medina (NEW WARRIORS, NEW X-MEN)

Deadpool #1 (2nd Series) 2008

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  • 11/2008

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