Archer & Armstrong #1

  • Cover by Frank Miller. Unity Chapter 3 "Up Against the Wall, Mother," script by Jim Shooter (co-plot, script), Barry Windsor-Smith (co-plot), and Bob Layton (co-plot), pencils by Barry Windsor-Smith, inks by Bob Layton; Archer and his peculiar partner are drafted by Armstrong's brother, the Eternal Warrior, to fight in war on the far side of time and space!; But who and what they find there offers ominous clues about what the future may hold for Archer & Armstrong and the final fate of the Valiant Universe; Characters: Albert; Archer; Armstrong [Aram Anni-Padda]; Erica Pierce; Eternal Warriors (of 1992 and of 4001); Geoff McHenry; the Harbinger kids [Flamingo; Kris; Sting; Zepplin]; Magnus; Mahmud; Rai [Tohru Nakadai]; Solar; X-O Manowar [Aric]. Continued from Eternal Warrior (Acclaim / Valiant, 1992 series) #1 and in Magnus Robot Fighter (Acclaim / Valiant, 1991 series) #15. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $2.50.