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What's the Owner Doing : Pokémon Legends Arceus (Parental Advisory)

What's going on, crime lords? I am the owner of The Evil Lair Comics and Collectibles and this is the first addition to a segment that I will be releasing every Wednesday. And in this segment you get an in-depth and unfiltered look at my thoughts on what ever it is that I am enjoying this week. And for this week I have been playing Pokémon Legends Arceus.

Let me start off by saying, this game is a hell of a lot of fun. It really captures the joy and innocence that I once felt when playing games like Pokémon Red and Blue when I was just a tiny little guy. Now that I am a large man I can not only appreciate that this is a children's game and it does exactly what it was designed to do, but I can also have some constructive criticism that doesn't revolve around the fucking graphics.

Now that I said "graphics", I know what people are saying... "Thom what the fuck are you on about? Its 2021 graphics are important to game play." and to that I say, fuck you. I still get way more enjoyment out of playing games such as Undertale in its minimalist graphics, than I do playing your Call of Duty or Cyberpunk 2077. Now don't get me wrong, I love beautiful graphics as much as the next guy, but it in no way correlates with the overall enjoyment I get out of the game.

So that brings me back to Pokémon. I love exploring. In any game. You know what I don't fucking like? Walking through a brand new area that I'm stoked to check out just for it to be immediately halted because a Zubat wants to suck the life essence out of my Eevee. Pokémon Arceus really thrives in its ability to not break the flow of the game. If a Pokémon is mad at me and wants to fight, I can very easily say "Fuck you Tony." and hop on my Wyrdeer and run off the nearest cliff.

But on the other hand, say I wanted that Zubat but didn't want to fight it. It introduces a new stealth mechanic where you can chuck a Pokeball at the back of that Zubat's head and have a chance at catching it with out even putting your Pokémon out.

But this brings me to my issues with the game... and again no, its not the fucking graphics.

It's the grind. I feel taken out of the immersion when I creep up on the same Psyduck, that's placed in the exact same place, because I need to catch 50 of them just to 100% its Pokedex information. Like how about instead of making me do the same thing 50 times, give me a few more things to do with it. I know there are other parts to the Pokedex, but its basically the same thing with every Pokémon. Catch it 50 times, see it do (insert move) 50 times, defeat it 50 times, Evolve it. How about just do something a little extra you know? Like how about lure a Psyduck into the water and make it Evolve in front of you, or try to figure out why every Paras has a personal vendetta against you and will throw down if you even as much as breathe near it? Just a little more versatility.

Again I know this game was made for children, and I.... not a child.... am expecting too much out of it. But for a game studio that has released the same game over and over again for the entire time they existed, I expected a little more innovation. Especially when you changed it as much as you did. Like don't get me wrong, they did a great job with its innovation. But its just missing that little extra.

I guess what I'm saying here is the game is great. The kid in my heart that I have been neglecting really appreciates what was done here. But the cynical grown man that resides in my brain expects more out what is essentially one fifth of a car payment.

But that's what I've been doing with my week. If there's anything particular anyone wants me to talk about, or just genuinely things I'd like something comment on here or join our discord. The link should be at the top of the page, just click the little discord Icon. Anyways that's all I got to say. Asta La Pasta!

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