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Review: Umbrella Academy Vol.2: Dallas

Back at it again with another review on our (other) favorite super-powered children/adults! There’s something very nice and familiar about the Umbrella Academy; it could be the art style, it could be the story. Who knows?

So this volume takes place only a few weeks after everything that happened in Volume one. There’s still the fallback from that problem but life is slowly moving on and we’re brought into a new adventure. In this volume, we get to learn about Number Five who, up until now, no one has known where he’s been or what he’s been through with his time travel abilities.

It turns out, he’s been through a lot. Like, jeez.

This volume introduces a couple of new bad guys. There are two assassins who are so terribly crazy it toes the line of hilarious and horrifying, there’s a super-genius fish who happens to be the puppeteer behind them and most of Five’s issues, and there’a a puppy. Who’s just a puppy, but that’s all you could ever ask of a puppy. There’s also a lot of time travel shenanigans having to do with presidents and wars but that’s as much as I can tell you without pulling out a couple of spoilers.

Just like Volume One, Dallas brings in the blood and violence with every fight. And, while the plot of Apocalypse Suite was pretty clear, Dallas has a few more complications as we learn more and more about these people. These are definitely tales I plan on keeping up on. Number Five and Three are really starting to grow on me. I might even turn on Netflix and give the show a go, finally.

Only time will tell!

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