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Review: The New 52: Shazam! : From The Pages of Justice League Vol 1

Everyone even remotely into comic books is looking forward to the new Shazam movie coming out in a couple of days. It really looks like it’s turning out to be one of DC’s best. So, in preparation, might I suggest taking a look at The New 52: Shazam!

Just a recap: It follows our boy Billy Braxton; a fifteen year old orphan who spends more time in and out of foster care than in a stable household. But, despite his constant delinquent persona, he is gifted the powers of Shazam! And here he is put on a magical mission to defeat another ancient champion known as Black Adam before he can destroy the world.

Now, as dangerous as it would be for a kid in our world to be granted with some kind of abilities like this, you can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be that kid. All of us growing up wished we had some kind of superpower and Shazam always plays to that part of us. The inner child that wished they could fly had someone to cling to.

Plus, even if he is a brat, Billy has good in him that’s easy to cling to. He’s not actually bad; just scrappy.

Shazam also puts out a good lesson. Underneath all the electric powers and muscular people fighting is a story about family. Not necessarily the one you’re born into, but very much about the one you find through life. Also, the importance of making sure one member of that family is a tiger; that’s essential.

Odds are you all already know this, but I’m gonna say it anyway. If you’re looking to go into the movie blind? Don’t read the comic first. However, if you’re looking to just get a taste of this hero? Then do it, by all means! Shazam is a fun one! Honestly, he’s probably one of the most fun heroes in DC.

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