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Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Vol. 1

I’m a big fan of horror movies but I can be a little bit harsh on my critique of them. If I don’t find it scary; it’s not a horror movie. And as years go by, my critique has become more and more harsh. I especially dislike anything where witches are the bad guys or seen as anything other than human. More often than not, I’ll roll my eyes and turn off the show or movie in question.

That being said, I still gave the Netflix Sabrina a chance. Then, I decided to check out the comic as well. And the story is pretty interesting.

If you haven’t seen either, here’s a recap: Sabrina is a half-witch, half-human teenager who has to choose whether or not to become a full bloom witch and give herself to Satan on her sixteenth birthday in what is called “the baptism.” But this would mean giving up her life with her boyfriend, Harvey. If she decides not to become a witch, then she has to give up her powers. So it become a choice between the love of her life and the powers she grew up with. A hard choice to make.

But then we throw in the story of Madam Satan, a woman who wants her dead for the love affair her father had with her mother. It’s a lot for a young witch to handle.

Of course, this story isn’t without its witchcraft shenanigans. When I started watching the show, my first gripe was the lack of voice for Salem and I’m still a little mixed on that. Comic Salem has a voice; why take it away?

The art for this comic is very 1960s. Makes sense considering that’s where it takes place but the art style can have some problems when it comes to facial expressions. Surprise sometimes looked like mildly annoyed in this style. It’s a good looking style though; I dig it.

It was also neat to see this tie into Archie. I wasn’t really expecting it to go as deep into crossover territory as they did, but I was glade.

The show and the comic have a very clear basis and it’s clear one inspired the other. But both are very different animals. In fact, you can check out one and still be surprised at something that happens in the other. It’s interesting.

Putting aside my grievances about witches in horror, this is a pretty good story. Even if you watched the show, the comic is still very much worth a reading.

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