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Review: The Adventure Zone Vol.1 Here There Be Gerblins

Now, as anyone who knows me on even the most basic of levels knows, I love me some role-playing games. Whether it be video or tabletop, this will always have a special place in my heart. The amount of story put behind these games is usually huge and done with a lot of love.

So, when I saw The Adventure Zone, I was extremely intrigued. With the very Steven Universe-esque art style and the dialogue very reminiscent of any game night I’ve attended, It was a very good read. A nostalgic reminder for those who played in their past. Or just a reference point for people who still play.

The story follows a band of three adventurers (Magnus, Taako, and Merle) as they explore the land under the careful eye of their every faithful DM(Griffin). Each quest they follow flows seamlessly into one another, just like a good game should. One minute they may be fighting a few little monsters in the woods, the next they’re having a tea party with the leader after a small charm to get some information out of him. Then nearly immediately to one of them purposely bleeding over a blank piece of paper.

For those who have never played D&D or anything like it, this is extremely common and (in many cases) highly recommended. The whole point in these games is to become immersed in the role of your character and try to advance the story as best you can. A lot of times, that leads to the team being sidetracked. Which looks to happen quite a bit in this little story. But, because of the flow of the tale itself, it can be a little hard to tell where that sidetracking may have gone. (Aside from the obvious meta, fourth wall breaking moments.)

This comic has a bit of cursing and some pretty cartoon-y portrays of violence. Really, it’s on the more ‘cartoon-y’ end of my review spectrum. And there’s nothing wrong with that; this series is fun. It’s as simple as that! And, sometimes, that’s all anyone ever really needs from a story; no deep profound meanings, nothing life changing. Just something fun. For that fact alone, I’d really recommend it!

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