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Review: Steven Universe Vol. 1

Last week, I talked about an old cartoon that was now getting a movie before reviewing the comic of said cartoon. This review fits into a similar circumstance, only the show is a lot newer and, possibly, a lot more popular. But I’m going to talk about it here and now as if you don’t know it, because that’s what heroes do.

Steven Universe is about the Crystal Gems; a rebel group originating from an alien race of gems who take the form of women. The story revolves around Steven; a gem-human hybrid, and his gem caretakers; Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. The group defends Earth from everything from monsters to other gems.

The comic (at least this volume) follows this same formula. The gems and Steven fight with a monster and seal it away in their home so it can’t harm their little beach-side town again. Then it’ll all take a break from the whole “protecting the city” part for little things that remind you Steven is still a kid. One example is of Steven wanting to participate in a bike race but his family being afraid he might get hurt. It’s all very slice-of-life with a few little sci-fi and fantasy spices thrown into the mix. It’s a very cute story, really. The art-style is very simple and pleasing and the characters are all pretty cheerful.

Now, as I have watched this show, I know more about it than I do about the comic. I don’t know exactly how closely they follow one another, but it all seems pretty much to be cut from the same cloth. And there is nothing really wrong with that.

It’s just that means the story will probably turn into something a lot deeper than silly bike races and monster hunting. Nothing too truly violent; it is a kids’ show, after all. But the subject matter can get a little deep. There’s a reason this resonates with so many people.

But, honestly, I would recommend this story to anyone, in any of its forms. It helps put some harder dilemmas into perspective. This volume may start out pretty silly and simply, but that’s always the best way to introduce some characters and themes that may be a little scary. It eases you into them with an easy read.

And so, a short and sweet review for a short and sweet comic! I’ll see you guys next week!

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