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Review: Spider-Man: Miles Morales Vol. 1

In light of the new Spider-Man movie and, for the fact that I didn’t do this at the last Spider-Man movie, I decided it was time to review one of my favorite heroes of all time. Or, at least get to know the one taking up his mantle.

A recap: Miles is now a college student and is beginning to make a true mark in New York and with the Avengers. This leads him into a battle with Blackheart that does not go as well as he might’ve liked. He’s starting to realize that, even though he has these amazing powers, he can’t escape from the burdens of his own day to day life. It also doesn’t help that the Spider-Man mark also comes with its own villains; ones passed on to Miles thanks to all the work done by Peter Parker.

That’s something I really appreciate about these comics. Even if everything can be a bit convoluted at times, the fact that it all has consequences in more ways than just episodic is pretty great. It sucks for Miles to have to deal with Black Cat, but it makes sense considering how many times someone in a spider suit has caused her problems. Of course someone else being Spider-Man would get her skin crawling!

This also pulls Spider-Man back into the whole college age; a time Peter Parker was able to leave in the comics (but not in the movies.) Yes, Miles has a completely different situation. Where Peter only had Aunt May, Miles has a mother and father (and a crazy grandmother.) Where Peter was Queens, Miles is Brooklyn. But most of that is more aesthetics than anything. At the core; it’s pretty much the same. And I mean aside from them both being massive nerds.

It’s still a very real look at what it’s like to put this “fate of the world” stuff on someone below the legal drinking age. It’s a lot to take in. It’s a lot for a kid to handle no matter how great or smart or what-have-you.

But here’s a nice difference; at least Miles isn’t the only “kid” Ms. Marvel is there to be his superhero buddy. Possibly more than that, a little further down the line!

There is one difference that confuses me between Miles and Peter. It’s something that was possibly explained and I missed it or it will be explained further down the line. Either way, it was enough to spark my interest a little further.

So, this is Miles Morales. He’s just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man: Peter Parker approved!

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