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Review: Saga: Vol. 1

It took me a couple of years of staring at it, but I’ve finally gotten around to reading Saga. This story was surrounded by praise and high ratings. I think I didn’t want to read it out of fear of being disappointed by the comic. In a world of reboots and remakes, something new and different can be put up to some harsh criticism.

But, even under all of that, I’m very happy with Saga.

The story is as follows. These two planets are stuck in a nearly constant war with one another. Two soldiers from opposing sides, Marko and Alana, fall in love and run off to be with one another. As they have gone AWOL, many different people are after them and the little girl they conceived in their time on the run. The little girl’s name is Hazel and this is her story.

That alone leaves a bit of an ominous feeling to it as, to me, it puts across the idea of something terrible happening to her parents. Which is a real shame, because I love her parents. But, to put that aside for a moment, let me tell you a bit about this universe.

The feel of the worlds in Saga are a seamless mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy. It’s as if Star Wars and Lord of the Rings had a baby that was then raised by all the great sci-fi and fantasy stories of our lives. Each and every character feels authentic, real, and completely original. They all have unique thoughts and concerns, fears and goals. That’s not all that easy to achieve without being overly obvious with. Especially in a short amount of time.

But, this story is rough. And I’m not saying it’s unfinished or anything like that. It’s not “rough” in the “rough draft” sense. When I say it’s “rough,” I mean it is absolutely not for kids.

Normally when I say this, it’s because of the use of blood or nudity. Which, yes there is plenty of that. But there are themes to this story that could, and should, make adults cringe. It shows uglier sides of war and types of trade. And in some parts you’re reminded that the good guy doesn’t always win. No matter how just his cause.

But, for those who are of age and need a new story into a new world, this is a story for you. Check it out, become a fan, and thank me later.

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