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Review: Paper Girls Vol. 1

We’ve come into a time where shows like Stranger Things are really the height of entertainment. People are becoming fascinated with the strange. Science fiction is no longer just for nerds, but very much apart of the mainstream.

Which means comics like it are finally acceptable. And I could not be more excited.

Paper Girls follows a girl named Erin Tieng. During one of her routine paper routes the morning after Halloween, she and her new friends (Some other girls with a similar paper route) find a strange pod in the basement of a house. This pod transports them to a world a lot like their own but… stranger. A lot stranger. It might be the future but not? But wherever it leads them, It’s not at all safe. The creatures around them vary from strung out cultists to prehistoric animals. All of them are in a copy of their neighborhood and all of them are dangerous.

Explaining this tale without massive spoilers can be a bit hard. Even now, with the description I gave, I feel like I might be giving too much. So let me tell you as much as I can.

Many of the moments in this are either weird dreams in Erin’s head or the fever dreams that are the reality for Erin and company. It’s fantastically strange on all levels.

I brought up Stranger Things mostly because of the strange new world in which the girls are transported. But this is also a story that takes place in what seems to be the 80s, maybe early 90s. You know, in a time when paperboys were actually a thing and kids could get a paper route. Because of that, there’s a bit of a nostalgia feel in this story. Some parts of it clearly pull from the older movies. E.T., Goonies, Back to the Future, old video games, the gang’s all here!

If you want to see the things 90s kids remember and wish to forget, read Paper Girls. It’s worth the trip.

Issues 1 - 28 Coming May 21st!

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