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Review: Old Man Hawkeye Vol.2: The Whole World Blind

Sorry, folks. I know I just reviewed volume one, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave my good buddy Hawkeye behind. Last week, I told you as much as I could about the Madox Venoms, Red Skull, and the loss of vision plaguing Hawkeye in a world without superheroes. Let me now tell you more about this world.

So, our story continues as Clint, with the help of Kate Bishop, searches the continent for the people responsible for the deaths of the Avengers. Zemo is now included on this list by way of flashback and explanation. And, because our friendly little archer doesn’t have enough on his plate already, he also happens to be hunted by none other than Bullseye; who’s crazy seems to have aged like a fine wine.

Honestly, the way everyone went out was a little brutal. And the fact that Barton was left alive is better explained by way of the scene. I’d be angry too if that was how all my friends and teammates went out, leaving only me because a the “real superheroes” are gone. Imagine the gut punch. The horrible feeling that you’re only alive because you weren’t good enough to the villian.

It’s a very spiteful mercy, if ever there was one.

But, back to the story! Seeing everyone age like this is a true joy. It’s nice to see that not everyone has the George Clooney aging genes like Hawkeye. While some of the characters age pretty gracefully, others aren’t so lucky. And the way they react to the loss of heroes is very interesting. It made me want to know more about this version of Earth. Like, where some of the other heroes might be.

On top of all this, the ending is great. I can’t go into any details without spoiling it, but I would highly suggest reading both one and two. It was a wild ride from start to finish and I hope you all get to experience that too!

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