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Review: Old Man Hawkeye Vol. 1: An Eye For An Eye

After seeing Endgame and appreciating all these heroes we’ve all known and loved, I thought it was high time that I read a few of the Hawkeye comics. He’s always seemed to be an underrated character; just a regular archer in a world of people with superpowers. Honestly, though? Super important hero.

And if you’re looking for something to make you cry some more, than I absolutely suggest Old Man Hawkeye. The comic is a surprisingly good pairing to Endgame; like a fancy cheese and wine. (lookit me, being all sophisticated and stuff!)

A recap: Hawkeye is the last surviving Avenger after they were all murdered in front of him. Now, time has gone by and it hasn’t been too kind to him. He’s wandering around in a barren wasteland mostly run by Red Skull and systematically hunting down everyone involved in the murdering of his friends; most importantly Nat. Along the way, he’s also beginning to lose his eyesight and starts doing the unthinkable; missing his shots. Which is a huge deal, not only for a man who is known for not missing, but also the fact that he is being hunted by an army of Madrox Venoms.

Both Time and Fate haven’t been kind to Hawkeye.

But his need for Justice keeps him going. He can’t let what happened to everyone stand as it is.

So, the tone of this story is very somber. It reminds you that Clint isn’t like the other heroes he fought alongside. He doesn’t fly, has no super strength, no powers to speak of. But that doesn’t stop him from doing his mission. Even without all the fancy powers, this man is badass. He takes on some of the toughest villains (and anti-heroes) this world has to offer. And he deserves every bit of recognition he receives.

So show it to him! Read his comics and cheer him on at Endgame, if you haven’t seen it already. If you have, see it again just for Clint Barton!

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