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Review: Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol.2: I Cannot Tell a Lie

So, I know I covered Volume One a couple of weeks ago, but with the new series coming out both in comic form and TV, I thought I’d get this little chapter of Loki’s life out of the way. It can be a little bit difficult to tell if he’s going to be the good guy or the bad guy this week, so I like to keep tabs on him.

Anyway, Loki: Agent of Asgard (as I’ve previously mentioned) is the result of what happened to Kid Loki after he’s grown knowing that he was once evil and fights to reject that side of him. Now he’s trying to turn his life around and be seen as more of a hero in the eyes of the All-Mother, which is pretty much just a council made up of the three older goddesses in Asgard. He’s taking on missions sent to him by them and completing them with varying degrees of success.

A lot happens in this volume. And a lot of it pulls away and goes a little off script from what seems to be the original path for the story. But there's really no complaints from me. It’s full of characters from Loki’s past (including Doom, who’s always an absolute joy to see) as well as a few twists as different parts of the Marvel universe start to shift and change. After all, all of this happens around the same time as a major shift in the comic book universe so its bound to cause some issues for just about everyone. Either way, it can get a little convoluted and, for once, it's not Loki's fault.

What starts out as a simple team up story turns into a rollercoaster ride of both past villains and questions of Loki’s morality. It’s actually somewhat hard to talk about without going into detail about a spoiler in this comic.

Probably the only thing to say is Loki and Thor duke it out in this comic and it’s resulting end is a little unexpected. Somehow, it still surprises me when Loki can go from being laugh out loud funny to gut punchingly serious and depressing. But that’s pretty much Loki’s character at this point. You either want the boy to get some therapy and a hug, or a punch in the face because maybe that’ll knock some sense into him.

And this is how it’ll continue because such if the curse of Loki Laufeyson.

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