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Review: Justice League Vol. 5: Forever Heroes

Justice League Vol 5 New 52 Forever Heroes

Have you ever had an idea where you wonder ‘is this a bad move?’ Have you ever reasoned with yourself that, if it was a truly bad decision, then someone from the future would have to come back to stop you from doing it?

We all know about time-travel. It’s been in many stories. DC’s no stranger to it either, what with Flash’s constant travels through time. But, really, we can all name on one hand the amount of times we’ve seen apocalyptic future children. And here we see exactly that.

In enters the next Generation of the Justice League; a group of teenagers left behinds with their parents’ legacies. After a war of superpowers versus superpowers completely destroys the world, the children are left to fend for themselves against one of the last remaining supers. Supposedly, they travel back in time because they have nowhere else to go. After hanging out with their parents for a bit, we find some of our heroes are not all as great as we once thought. And Hunter (Wonder Woman’s son) takes it upon himself to prevent that horrible future from happening.

Now, being in the middle of a series, there’s a lot to take in in this volume. There’s a bunch of time traveling children, murderous heroes, powers created by darkness, and Sovereign! I wouldn’t recommend starting here without having some inkling what’s going on in Volumes One through Four. Unless you’re in it just for some super-powered teenagers. In that case, go for it! They’re pretty cool peoples. Even Hunter in all his (albeit perfectly reasonable) angst.

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