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Review: Invader ZIM Vol. 1

I’m pretty sure that, if you’re able to read this, you had a moment in your life where you were at least aware of Invader ZIM. I mean, there was a point where you couldn’t walk by a Hot Topic without seeing something GIR related. If not, then let me fill you in.

It was one of the strangest shows to be released on Nickelodeon. It had a decent run in the early 2000s before it came to an abrupt end, much to the disappointment of fans. Me included.

For a long time, the most die-hard of fans looked for any inkling of the show coming back. Anything from old episode audio to all the usual rumors. Some actually started to bug the creator. Then, one day, an announcement.

Invader ZIM would be coming back. In comic book form!

This one is a little hard to do a recap. The story itself was about an alien invader who was sent to earth as a means of exile, but he thinks he’s supposed to be taking it over for his home planet, Irk. The problem? He’s terrible at his job. Hence the exile part.

The entire comic is in the form of episodic hijinks with only the beginning being anything with real plot. It begins years after the show went off the air and ZIM hasn’t left his house. Dib, The technical “hero” of this story and self-proclaimed defender of Earth, watched vigilantly and waited for ZIM to return with another scheme for world conquest. The problem? ZIM was just biding his time and waiting for Dib to get so immobile from underuse of his limbs that he can’t stop the alien from achieving his goal.

As I said, the rest of the comics follow a similar formula but it’s much more like a show, where one comics events don’t necessarily carry over a story to the next. The entire book is extremely silly and zany as one would expect from the series. For anyone who watched the show, it’s exactly what one would expect. Although, it would seem the form of media has given the writers free reign to push a few limits.

And now, with the announcement of the movie coming to Netflix next month, I’m hoping that’s able to be carried over. No matter what, I really appreciate the comic form of ZIM. It not only brings back a few nostalgic feelings but also adds to the characters I loved when the show was at its peak.

I look forward to the movie!

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