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Review: Infinity Wars 2018

On this, the Eve of Endgame’s release, I thought it might be time to brush up on what happened recently in Infinity Wars. Let me tell you right now, the events of this are just as surprising as what Thanos left behind in the story; if not more so.

So here’s a quick sum-up: The Great Mad Titan himself is killed and his murderer quickly gets to work gathering all the Infinity Stones in order to basically crush the universe together and, by extension (And by mistake), mold characters together in order to create new heroes. The end result it a mess of a universe within the soul stone where these strange tentacle monsters are running free. And, of course, Loki’s running around trying to help for really for his own personal gain.

Honestly, the Loki bit is probably the most normal thing about this new universe.

This comic shows a much more sinister side of Gamora. While she completely rejects the idea of being anything like Thanos, there was still parts of him that shine on through and it’s very clear she hates that part of herself. After all, she spends so much time fighting with him, even when he isn’t really there. This series also introduces a lot of really cool characters from the resulting fusion of everyone. Moon Knight and Spider-Man might be my favorite of out everyone; there’s just something very cool about their design.

Gamora’s ability of being infinitely more creative than her father is reason enough to check out these comics. Ao, when you come out of the theater and you’re feeling a little peckish for another good Infinity Stone tale, I highly suggest this one.

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