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Review: Hellboy: The Wild Hunt

Whoo boy, there is a lot to unpack in this one. So much happens in this comic, it’s kind of surprising they were able to fit it all into this volume without it being twice its length. It’s easy to get a story lost in too many characters, but Hellboy always manages it pretty well.

With the new movie coming out, I thought I’d check out the comic that inspired it. This story in particular goes into a King Arthur story with its own set of twist and turns. With the help of her army and a shifter bent on revenge, Queen Mab raises from the grave to start a war in which there is no victor. It’s up to Hellboy to prevent this from happening and (as in typical Hellboy fashion) choose to either give into destiny or fight against it as he’s done for so many years.

It’s hard to talk about this one without spoiling anything. The story is thick with character developments and backstories. I really began to feel for the shapeshifter I mentioned above. His story’s probably the saddest out of all of this.

Also, allow me a moment to gush, but the art style for Hellboy has always been phenomenal and the edition I used for review shows the sketches of the characters, which is always a nice treat. I really love the use of colors where the red always pops no matter where it sits on the page. And, while that usually doesn’t translate well to the big screen, one could hope they figure out a way.

No matter what, this is the story that inspired David Harbour’s debut as Hellboy. And if the movie is anything like this comic? You’re in for a wild ride. Not that anyone would want it any other way.

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