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Review: Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Die Laughing

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Now, what kind of comic book reviewer would I be if I didn’t talk about Harley Quinn at least once? (A purist, I guess?) So, when it came to Pride Month reviews, she was the first one to come to mind for the “B.” For the longest time, she was in a horribly twisted love affair with the Joker. Now? She’s got her own thing going!

And she is killing it!

Now, this isn’t so much her debut comic as it’s a chance to develop her without the need to focus on her past relationship. Of course, it’s mentioned briefly just how she came to be who she is, but it’s a footnote in Harley’s story. Now, with her past almost completely behind her, she has returned to her home in Coney Island where she is the ring leader of her own little freakshow circus. A surprisingly legit job for a former criminal mastermind. This comic begins the way many great modern comics do; with a zombie outbreak caused by tainted meat made of alien.

Clearly the only way Coney Island would be attacked by zombies.

Anyway, while our focus is on the story itself, we can see some small developments in the relationship between Harley and Poison Ivy. They’ve already had their established bond from Harley’s first appearance in the animated series. Their friendship back when Harley was under the Joker’s heel was a strong one that moved to help her squeeze out from that relationship.

And now we can see it developing even further. Even if they aren’t there yet, it’s clear there was something more than a simple gal pal energy between them. Which is why I start with this comic and not where it’s established. This is a relationship that moved and transformed slowly over time. It wasn’t just a quick love-at-first-sight rom com moment.

This is probably the closest to a real relationship Harley has ever had. Harley’s asking Ivy to move in, Ivy’s hesitant to do so, Harley wonders why… it’s pretty true to real life when you think about it.

And also, there’s a few bits of flirting with Red Tool. So you can’t argue a point for full-fledge gay on Harley’s part even if you think of Joker as more of an obsession than a love affair.

But anyway, this comic is great. Harley Quinn comes in with her same ole wacky, cartoony humor that only she (And Deadpool) can deliver. Not many comic book heroes can complain about poo under their nails, then be seen eating pizza while taking out zombies in the next panel. Not many should.

She’s one of the only ones who can pull it off!

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