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Review: Dark Nights Metal: Deluxe Edition

More like Dark Knights Metal, am I right? hAhAHaahHAhaaAhahHA!

This comic is literal nightmare fuel. Now, a lot of people would use that to say “oh, yeah. It’s super scary and spoopy.” But no, I mean the entire plot of this is fueled by all of Batman’s deepest and darkest fears. Which, if you have to live in any nightmare fueled world, I feel like Batman’s fears should be at the bottom of the list for this reason. The man’s got issues and, as badass as he is, he’s basically fueled by his own fear. You know, when he’s not fueled by Justice.

In a twist of fate, Batman becomes a gateway that leads into the Dark Multiverse; a place that is just as dark as the name would suggest. Our heroes on the Justice League are then stuck in a never-ending battle with Barbatos, the destroyer. A battle that will eventually sink the Earth and destroy everything. In this, they have to fight against the many Dark Batmen who reside there and, boy howdy, they don’t disappoint. Evil doesn’t even begin to describe them.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this one. It’s very good at giving you hope that everything will be alright only to immediately crush you down. As the villains of this are all versions of Batman, it makes sense. He is always one step ahead of everyone. And there is a dark Batman for every form of nightmare you could possibly want. I, personally, am really creeped out by the Batman who Laughs. Something about him and the Robins sends a chill up my spine.

There’s also plenty of twists I would love nothing more than to babble on about, but it dives deep into spoiler territory.

So, If you’re looking to segway into some horror stories from DC, this is a great place to start. Just don’t blame me if your nightmares just keep telling you to “Hail Darkness.”

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