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Review: Batwoman Vol. 1: Hydrology

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Batwoman New 52 Hydrology

This Pride Month I will be reviewing four comics with LGBT representation. And this week, I’ll be talking about one of the first proud lesbian superheroes: Batwoman. More specifically the comic where she was outed; The New 52’s Batwoman.

To give a quick backstory of our tale: Kate Kane witnessed the deaths of her mother and twin sister. She soon went into the military where she was then discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” All of this, as well as the actions of Batman himself, inspired her to take up the Batwoman cowl and begin to fight crime. Her twin sister is later revealed to be alive and has resurrected as the villain known simply as “Alice.” Kate blames herself and her father for this transformation that led to her second death.

So, now that you’re all caught up with that, let’s talk about this story. In this one, Batwoman is investigating a series of missing persons cases, all of them children linking to an urban legend known as La Llorona(AKA “The Weeping Woman”), a ghost woman who, according to legend, killed her children then herself by way of drowning. She is doing this alongside her sidekick/cousin, Flamebird, and her new girlfriend, Detective Maggie Sawyer. At the same time she is being tracked by Batman who quickly discovers her identity and offers her a proposition, one of which she’s not too sure she will take.

Now, something I truly enjoy about this story is how seamless her sexuality was put in. It’s only a small part of who she is. Her love life is only on display as much as any other superhero; It’s not fetishized in the least bit.

In typical Dark Knight Fashion, the comic is one-part mystery two-parts punching and kicking bad guys. It sticks very closely to its roots; in a time where DC was truly Detective Comics and everything was pretty Sherlock Holmes-y. But that’s not at all surprising; Batwoman sticks close to her inspiration, after all!

I also enjoyed learning who Kate is as a person. Her story has similar bumps in it that made her take up the crime-fighting vigilante life, but she’s different from Batman. She not nearly as much of a ghost in this comic. Yet, if she really wanted to be apart of the Bat Family, she would fit right in and become a very important part of it.

Although, the use of red in her uniform would probably not be all that well suited for slipping in and out of the shadows. Even if it looks awesome

Does she become apart of the Bat Family? I would suggest reading it to find out.

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